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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#28: Laughing So Hard It Hurts

My sister-in-law recently found a website where you can submit information for a video from Santa for your children. She shared the videos made for my nieces and nephew. They were sweet, heartfelt and charming.

Naturally I had to make one for my father.

I cannot even begin to describe how funny it is (at least to us). Kegan and I have watched it multiple times, and we crack up every time. I love to laugh hysterically. In the "seriousness" of adulthood I enjoy it even more. Oddly enough, sometimes nothing feels as good as laughing so hard it hurts.

(Note: I'd love to share the video here, but the sharing of it with my immediate family is not going to take place until Christmas. Since I know they are reading the blog, it will just have to wait.)

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