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Monday, February 6, 2012

#75: My Doctor

While I'm not thankful I had to go see my doctor, I am thankful for my doctor, himself. He's down to earth, funny and genuinely spends time with you when you're there to see him. He also loves Disney World, running and is oddly reminiscent of Doogie Howser, in the sense that he looks like he's 17 years old. What's not to love? He's honestly the perfect doctor for me. I am so glad Kegan was once bit by a spider and thought he had some strange arachnid-induced illness which resulted in us finding our doctor!

Naturally I am also thankful Kegan did not contract any diseases from a spider. Unless he's claiming he goes "to work" and really is a Peter Parker style vigilante. Hmmm...

Sorry. That was lame. I'm sick! Cut me some slack.

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