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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#76: Beckie

While I truly do think, regularly, about how thankful I am for all of my friends, today I reflect specifically on how thankful I am for my very dear friend, Beckie.

The reason I am thankful for her today is because, out of the blue, she sent me a thank you card. This was surprising, and then also not. I was not expecting a card, but it is not unlike Beckie to make gestures of friendship and kindness. She is, undoubtedly, one of the most selfless people I know.

We met freshman year when we lived on the same freshman floor. When I look back on those first few months of being friends I can't help but laugh. Little did I know at the time that Beckie is a math genius, and I was struggling through Calculus that first semester. She always lightheartedly reprimands me for not saying anything, because despite the fact that she had her own course load, Beckie would have totally gotten me through that class. Although she didn't help me with Calculus, Beckie has helped me countless times since then. Unbelievably patient, always willing to lend an attentive ear, gracious in every sense of the word, never judgmental, she's an amazing woman and a friend you can trust wholeheartedly.

Adding to her genuine nature, Beckie is also really funny and always a good time to be with. I will always remember on my 21st birthday my brother Dennis drove to Atlantic City in a car with Beckie. After we arrived he walked over to me and told me some anecdote about Beckie and the entertaining conversations they had in the car and said, "I totally know why you're friends with her." Anyone would want to be friends with Beckie and probably could be, because she's such a warm and open person. But I pride myself on being able to call Beckie one of my best friends...because I think she gets and appreciates me on a level most people don't. We love making ridiculous observations (like thinking of scenarios that skeletons are in at all times) and indulges in our inside jokes from years ago (like the honey chile dog). She and I drove alone down to South Carolina a few summers ago, our other friends in a separate car, and was even willing to take the ride back with me despite the fact that I was being totally neurotic. Those two car rides will always hold a really special place in my heart when I think of Beckie and our friendship. We talked nearly nonstop the entire time, both ways, from superficial conversations to those really deep ones you can only have with people who you are close with. She introduced me to Antoine Dodson in the parking lot of a Virginia rest stop, and I think we laughed about that for the next two hours. Actually, when I think about that car ride, I think we laughed more or less the entire time. When we all arrived back to New Jersey and I had another 45 minute drive alone, home, I texted Beckie that I missed her. Because I truly did.

I know Beckie is reading this tonight, because she's been a faithful reader of my blog since I started it in November. Because Beckie is, when it comes down to it, faithful. That's one of the qualities I admire most about her.

So, Beckie, thank you. Thank you for your card today, for all of the support and laughter you've brought into my life over the past ten years, and most of all thank you for your friendship.

Beckie and me, in the best self portrait I've ever taken. 

P.S. Beckie- Watch This!

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