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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Shut the front door, people.

I don't think I have ever more in my life wanted to utter Baptist Church style jubilation. HallelujiahThankTheGoodLordSweetBabyJesus!

Honestly, finding the ring was rather ironic. I had an afternoon run scheduled for the day, and I mentally prepared myself to deal with my residual frustration and sadness while running since it's cathartic for me.  On this run I would accept the loss, and move on.

While sitting down in my family room to stretch for this exact run I was at the exact angle needed to see a circular glint in the centimeter space between the foot of my china hutch and the dining room floor. To be honest I almost hesitated in checking, because it was in the exact space where one one of those flat felt pads are on the feet of furniture, so that's what I initially assumed it was. Also I've been "looking" for my ring, even in places where it couldn't possibly have been, and I've been trying to temper that neurosis. But I went over, and as soon as I was laying on the floor parallel to it there was no mistaking that it was my ring. I fished it out with a knife, saying aloud, "OH.MY.GOD."

And so what was supposed to be a run of acceptance became a run of celebration. I'm sure I looked like a total weirdo fist pumping and lip-singing while I bounded through  my neighborhood, and I had to legitimately refrain myself from telling random people whom I passed, "Hey guess what?! I lost my wedding ring and found it today isn't that the best news ever?!" and embracing them. Seriously, I am that happy.

Not hard to decide what I'm thankful for today. Prayers to Saint Anthony, Armenian Folklore, well wishes, positive thinking, reassurance, and the return of a much loved, deeply missed ring.

P.S. Yes, yes, yes. I said I looked in "every obscure place twice", and you probably yelled out to your screen, "Check in that centimeter space between the foot of your furniture and the floor!" but I missed it. From now on I will know to check there for missing things. If I've learned anything from this experience it's that. And to not leave my wedding rings out in my home...that's a lesson I should probably internalize, as well.

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