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Monday, February 27, 2012

#93: Bob Harper

Similar to my previous post about Jillian Michaels, I am thankful today for Bob Harper. Like Jillian, Bob is  a trainer on "The Biggest Loser". He's one of the few celebrities I would actually say that I admire. He has an amazing attitude and true dedication to help others. Bob also avows a life of positive thinking, which I am also a huge believer in. Every week he posts a personal challenge on his Twitter feed, and I am always inspired by his encouragement to live a centered, healthy, simple life. Today I am feeling sore from my weekend workout of one of his DVDs, and while that is normally a pain, I am focusing on the soreness as something to be thankful for. I always remind myself I am lucky to be healthy and able enough to workout. I am happy to be a person who is mindful of their health. I am grateful that individual workouts, like the ones I "do with Bob" help me become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.

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