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Monday, February 27, 2012

#94: Good Weeknight Dinner

Kegan and I often default our weeknight dinners to meals that are quick and easy to make. We also occasionally eat separately when Kegan has to work late or find ourselves in Panera, the eating out equivalent of "quick and easy." Cooking is not something I enjoy to do, but I know I should prioritize it more. Preparing dinner is a chore I am often willing to cut corners with for the sake of saving time. Tonight, however, was a different story.

The meal I made tonight, pineapple chicken, is not a challenging, time consuming recipe (for whom I have Beckie to thank.) We've had it a few times, but for some reason tonight it was amazing. It was a meal that reminded me how good home cooked dinners can be. "Good dinners" have sadly become almost a luxury for us, reserved solely for weekends. But tonight I was reminded that a good weeknight dinner is possible and really appreciated, such a nice way to end a workday.

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