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Thursday, March 15, 2012

#110: Readology

Today was an exciting day... Readology.org has launched! A website for book reviews, recommendations and discussion, Readology has been in the makings for a few months. Erinn and I, after realizing how often she and I discussed books with one another, came up with the idea of making this website together. The initial concept was to offer it to our respective students to review and recommend young adult novels. While that is still part of the plan, it has evolved into a bigger and more exciting undertaking. Through Readology we will be working in conjunction with a local, independent bookstore as their "in house" reviewers, and are looking to grow the site from there.

I am thankful for this project. It's always so fulfilling when an idea becomes a reality. I am also grateful to have Erinn as a partner. We collaborate really well together, and it truly is a joint effort. She's the ideal teammate: thorough, committed and patient with my neurosis. It also helps that I tend to laugh out loud from reading her emails. I've always believed that the best coworkers are the ones who make you laugh, so Erinn makes this collaboration all the better because she's so funny. It'll be an absolute pleasure to build Readology with her, and I look forward to all the joy this work will bring us.

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